A review Of Various Types Of Mattresses

Mattresses determine the quality of sleep to a great extent. A bad mattress will cause significant neck and back pains by morning. The various mattress producing giants keep on adding enhancing features to their new productions in an attempt to remain in the market. Some blend various mattress types so as to tap all markets. Well, it is important therefore to understand different types of mattresses and the benefits they offer.

Common types of mattresses

The foam memory mattresses

These mattresses came into the limelight in the 1960s when NASA scientists came up with visco-elastic foam for airplanes seats. Today, these types of mattresses are the most popular worldwide. They conform well to the shape of the sleeper thus distributing the weight evenly. Basically, memory foam mattresses have a top layer of about 4 inches and followed by denser base foam. Other manufacturers use different techniques like using layers of foam with different properties. Either way, all these mattresses end up having the memory foam on top.


Latex mattresses

Latex has been in use for a century now. Manufacturers come up with different latex material like organic or synthetic latex in attempts to make this material better. The Dunlop process of making latex foam is considered as the ”true latex.” Latex mattresses are considered to offer the best support and comfort, especially for heavy people. This is because it conforms well to the body and has great resistance to pressure. The latex is usually layered to make one mattress which can be them layers with cotton toppers.

Spring mattresses

These kinds of mattresses are very popular as they offer great comfort and support at the same time. However, all spring mattresses either use memory foam or latex for the top layer. They need frequent changing when the springs come off.

The air beds mattresses

They use air as the main support material. The box chamber is filled with air which is regulated by a gauge for various sleep qualities. Some brands offer the option to regulate firmness on each side to cater for couples with different firmness requirements. These kind of mattresses are not so popular among people. However, sometimes they can be as a result of a recommendation by a doctor. Most back sleepers prefer these types of mattresses.


The water beds mattresses

Like their air bed counterparts, this option of mattresses uses water for base support. The box chamber is filled with water which can create waves or not, depending on the manufacturer. They are recommended for back sleepers as well.


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