What Are the Benefits of Drinking Water?

They say that rational human beings can survive for some time without food, but not without water. This reality indicates precisely how crucial water is to our bodies. Additionally, water is essential to other creatures on earth. Nevertheless, people need to ensure that they consume clean and hygienic water. The amount of water that every individual consumes depends on several factors, which includes;

  • Age
  • Health condition of the individual
  • Environmental condition at a particular time
  • The level of physical activity involved

The need to take clean water is critical, and everyone should embrace it. According to World Vision, almost 1000 children aged five and below perish every day through diarrhoea brought about by poor sanitation and consumption of unclean water. If farming is done using contaminated water, bacteria and diseases will eventually get to the consumers of the farm products.

You can tell the difference between clean and contaminated water by considering its turbidity. Turbidity is the degree to which water has lost its transparency due to the presence of particles. Water that is safe for human consumption should be clear, odourless, and not have a weird taste.


drinking waterBenefits of Drinking Water

There are several advantages that water consumption brings to the human body. They include :

  • Water transports oxygen to all parts of our bodies – the human blood consists of 90% water, making it efficient to carry oxygen to various body parts. Inadequate water can make the blood thicker leading to high blood pressure.
  • It controls body temperature – sweat is excess water from the body that comes to the skin surface. The human body cools down as sweat evaporates from the skin.
  • It keeps the kidney healthy – lack of water can lead to kidney stones and other complications related to this vital body part.
  • Water is very crucial to the digestive system – dehydration can cause excessive acidity in the stomach, which could lead to heartburns and stomach ulcers.
  • It also improves the beauty and health of the skin – taking water helps the skin look smooth, attractive and healthy.
  • Water is essential in the formation of saliva and mucus – saliva contains enzyme amylase which is crucial in the breaking down of food substances.
  • The fluid helps to flush out toxins from the body through sweating, urination, and defecation.
  • Water carries soluble minerals and nutrients to various parts of the body.
  • Consuming water helps in the boosting of an individual’s physical performance.
  • The presence of water in your body ensures that tissues, joints, and spinal cord are well protected and lubricated from injuries during physical activities.

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